Vegetarian Recipes

The past couple of days I have been relying heavily on frozen vegetarian dinners.  So today I decided to look up some meat free recipes that I could cook for myself.  While searching I came upon Cook Eat Live Vegetarian


What I really like about this blog is how the layout is set up.  The theme used fits perfectly for the topic and is very inviting.  The color coordination really shows how much thought and effort goes into running this blog.  

I also like how every post has photos for each recipe.  I personally am very visual when it comes to recipes.  If there isn’t a picture of the finished product, I’m usually not interested.  Not only are there pictures of the final product, but there are also shots of the ingredients, close ups of the food, and so much more.


(A photo from Savoury Tomato Cobbler with Basil and Manchego)

Each recipe has ingredient alternatives.  Most of the time I don’t have all the products needed for a recipe and am too lazy to go to the store just to pick up one item.  Having different options can make cooking these recipes much easier.

I really love this blog.  I’ve already copied down a few recipes to try out later.  Hopefully my finished product looks half as good as the ones on the blog!


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